Copywriting: How to get MORE people to say "YES".

"Hey YOU!!! Do it NOW... or get a swift kick in the tail"

Yes indeedy... if your brochure or web copywriter could pack a steel-capped boot into every page, motiving people to take up your offer would be relatively easy. You'd just give 'em a boot up the whatzy to hustle them along.

Sadly, technology isn't there yet. So, your copywriter needs to cajole, persuade, tempt and urge your prospects to take action — using words to add value and create a sense of urgency.

In this article, we are going to look at brain research that shows how you can kill two birds with one stone. It turns out that if you add a "Get it FAST" offer to your website or direct mail, not only do people respond more quickly, you ALSO increase the perceived value of your offer.

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First, some quick "brain basics for marketers"...

Your brain has two parts, the old brain and the new brain.


Your old brain.

The old brain does the basic stuff. Breathing... Circulation... Temperature... Balance...

It also handles the 'flight or fight' response to make sure you survive when things get ugly.

"Cop THIS ya mongrel!!!" (Followed by sound of brick whistling through the air).

When someone throws a brick at you, it is your old brain that jerks your head out of the way without you having to think about it. It is about fast, immediate reactions to help you survive to live another day.

Importantly for you as a marketer, the old brain is also the 'emotional' part of your noggin. It makes you want gratification — without a rational reason. When it get's instant gratification, it makes you feel goooood.

Your new brain.

The new brain is your neocortex. It is the 'thinking' part. It works much slower as it has to process everything to work out what's what.

It's NOT, let me tell you, the part of your brain you want to use when it is raining bricks!

By the time it rationalised the speed of the brick, the direction of the brick, the trajectory of the brick and the reason you made the person grumpy enough to throw the brick in the first place, (and "Oh, that brick is a nice colour, I wonder if I should have used it for the reno"), you'd be still standing there scratching your head at crunch time. WHACK! Not a good look!

Your new brain isn't about survival. It is there to figure stuff out. It is logical.

You are using it right now as you read this.

You are thinking "What has this brain stuff got to do with the copywriting of my brochure or website? Has Jerry finally lost it altogether?"

Bear with me. It gets interesting.

Enter an old copywriter's trick — the "act now" offer.

For years, we copywriters have looked for ways to include an instant offer into business marketing tools. There is nothing new in this. Things like:

  • Get it now.
  • Immediate delivery
  • Shipped same day.
  • Yours today.
  • Own it now.
  • Call right away.

We use them all the time. When briefing with a client for a copywriting project, we talk about the call to action, and brainstorm ideas to see how we can make it more appealing and persuasive. Delivery time is a factor in this discussion.

But here's what's interesting...

Marketing advantage: Faster = Better.

A story in Newsweek Magazine explains that new scientific analysis using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has shown what is going on 'behind the scenes' when people read advertising copy.

It turns out that when deciding to make a purchase, one of the major influences in our decision is how fast we can have the product or service.

In the experiment, participants were asked to choose between getting $60 at a later date or $10 right now.

  • When they thought about waiting, the new brain or pre-frontal cortex was activated.
  • When they thought about getting the money right away, the old brain lit up.

This MRI testing shows that the emotional old brain is aroused when people think of getting something rewarding right away. Now. This minute.

If something offers you instant gratification, it appeals to your old brain, causing a positive spike in your emotions. It feels good. And it therefore makes THAT offer more appealing than other offers that are going to take longer to get. It makes the $10 seem better than the $60, even though, logically, it isn't.

Wow! By offering it NOW, you kill two birds.

  1. Bird one: more people hop-right-to-it to get your offer.
  2. Bird two: you add perceived value to your product or service and make it SEEM better.

See? Two birds!

What has this got to do with your brochure or web copywriting?

Well, for starters, you can now make it your life's mission to make people feel good! You can make sure that you find a way to give their old brain a burst of pleasure by offering to make their lives better now... immediately... this minute.

All jokes aside, this is serious stuff.

You can take advantage of this even if you’re not selling a digital product or something that ships the next day. Think about it. Even if you offer a free consultation, you may get more people say 'yes' if your web copywriter explains they will get immediate benefits — without having to wait.

We plan to split test this with a few websites — even down to level of adding words like ‘instantly’, ‘immediately’ or ‘fast’ to a free newsletter offer to see if that can grow a list even faster. We are also setting up to test this in shopping carts for e-commerce sites and in the wording of Adwords advertisements.

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In closing, the science is in — and you need to use it. Get those emotions pumping. Make sure your web, brochure or direct marketing copywriter finds ways to engage the old brain with the right "now" words. It'll add value — and give you an immediate advantage.

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