Tips for packaging copywriting - talking to your audience

Tips for packaging copywriting - talking to your audience_IMG

I'm fresh back from an excursion to the supermarket, where an encounter with a carton of lactose free milk prompted me to share a few thoughts with you about packaging. Specifically, why the TONE of the sales copy you use is so very important.

Although I'm talking about packaging here, it is relevant for ALL businesses because the SAME principle applies to your website, your brochure or your sales letter — in fact, to anything you use to connect with people. 

Here's the thing...

Copywriting for product packaging has to work very hard at "crunch time". That's the moment of truth when people choose between YOUR product and that of your competitors.

When I found the lactose free milks, there were four different brands to choose from. So, I started reading labels to see which was the best one for us.

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I wanted to be SOLD so I could buy with CONFIDENCE!

Remember, as I stood there, I was just an average punter, wanting to spend my pennies wisely. So, I'm looking for some reassurance that I have found the RIGHT product. It is the same for any person looking at literature from you when considering a purchase.

And let me tell you, the designers of these milk cartons performed very badly indeed. They ASSUMED that I knew that theirs was a great product, and did nothing to remind me of why it was worth buying.

Here's an example from one brand — a major national company. The copy on their pack read:

Lactose Free Skim Milk offers consumers all the natural goodness of milk with the additional benefit of being lactose free making it the milk of choice for those who prefer lactose free products.

Now, I ask you:

  • Does this copy endear me to the product?
  • Does it communicate warmly? Personally?
  • Does it talk directly to me, as if I am the only person in the whole world?
  • Or does it sound like someone said: 'We'd better put a bit of ‘blurb’ on there to fill that space in the artwork".

Clearly, it was the latter. It was written from up high on the mountain, in the marketing department. It missed the mark because no one took the time to walk on the supermarket floor in MY shoes.

And that is an opportunity lost!

It would have been so much more persuasive if it had read:

Choose XXXX Lactose Free Skim Milk, and your family will enjoy all the natural goodness you expect — with the additional healthy benefit of being lactose free.

With its great taste and low fat content, it's little wonder XXXX is the milk of choice when you prefer lactose free products. And with our convenient long-life packaging, it is so easy to keep some handy in the pantry!

See the difference?

Even just the basic swap of 'consumer" to "you" or "your family" paints a totally different picture!

The lesson

Never forget that words are powerful, and you must take every opportunity to pull at the heartstrings by painting the very BEST picture you can.

Whether it is your brochure, an email response or a humble sticker on a product, ALWAYS seek to talk to your reader, warmly and sincerely, so you connect with them and give them good REASONS to choose you rather than a competitor.

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