How to plan your digital marketing strategy

The essential guide to digital marketing — Your 5 step pathway to success online

When you’ve got a business to run, you have so many things on your plate to deal with on a daily basis that it’s easy to allow the ‘important but not urgent’ stuff (like marketing for instance) to be pushed to the back of your priorities list. 

But here’s the thing…

Marketing is the engine that drives your business.

And if you leave it on the back-burner for too long, you could find yourself facing real difficulties. 

To help you to get on top of things and regain a sense of control, we’ve produced a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that walks you through digital marketing — and what you need to do to make it work for your business.

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Let’s be clear: what you REALLY want is more leads from your website

You don’t want to learn about – and invest in – marketing for the fun of it. Nor do you want to be bogged down with a whole lot of complexity and grind-work.

That’s why we’ve been mindful to keep the focus of this guide on giving you the ‘big picture’ insights that will help you get what you really want from your website:

  • More enquiries
  • More qualified leads, and
  • More business!

Measuring your ROI from your website and digital marketing

Not knowing what works (and what doesn’t!) is the number one frustration of business owners with their marketing.

This is the frustration that we solve for our clients on a daily basis. And it was this frustration that motivated us to produce this guide.

We wanted to give you a better understanding of the steps in an online sales funnel. So our 5-step guide contains good, meaty information across each stage of the lead generation process:

               Step One — Optimising your website
               Step Two — Creating content
               Step Three — Converting visitors into leads
               Step Four — Nurturing leads into customers, and
               Step Five — Analysing & refining data

Yes, digital marketing is a big (and sometimes confusing!) topic. But when you break it into manageable chunks with our guide, you can see where your best opportunities are — and you can do something about fixing the parts that aren’t working to increase your success rate.

To get your free copy and start making your digital marketing more profitable, just click the link below. New Call-to-action 

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