[Video]: Want more leads from your website? SEO may not be the answer

While SEO is an essential part of Inbound Marketing, it may not always be your salvation if you don’t have enough business.

In this quick 60 second “Heads Up” video, we look at priorities for website lead generation, and how you need to look at your numbers to see where you should focus your attention.

[Video transcript]

I was talking to a guy about why he’s starving to death, and here’s a quick “Heads Up” (Thanks Terry) about the whiteboard scribbles from the meeting.

This guy’s traffic is about 5,000 a month, and that produces about 20 leads a month.

The problem? To make money, he needs at least 60 leads a month.

His “SEO Guy” is saying “Do more SEO”, but that isn’t what’s needed 

With his current funnel, he puts 5,000 in the top and gets 20 out the bottom. So, to get 60 leads, he’ going to need 15,000 visitors a month.

His problem is, his website funnel is a complete train-wreck.

  • There’s nothing to engage people…
  • Nothing there for people who are early in the Buyer’s Journey...
  • It’s got so many gaps you could drive a truck through it.

It basically says “Wanna buy right now? No? Then nick off!”

So, they are nicking off!

He can “do SEO” till he is blue in the face. But that won’t put bread on the table.

New call-to-action

For him, the priority is NOT ‘more SEO’. He needs more ENGAGEMENT, so he can get 25, 30, 35 or more leads from that 5,000 — and THEN worry about more traffic after that.

So, there’s your heads-up. Rather than thinking SEO will fix everything, look at your numbers and THEN figure out where you’ll get your best ROI.

Want to talk? Gimme a call! See you next time.

[End of video transcript]

Want to get more leads from your website?

By this point, you might have done your ‘back of the envelope’ sums and run screaming from the room.

But if your numbers look OK and you’d like to explore some ideas for using Marketing Automation to grow your business, then please give Crockford Carlisle a call.

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There’s no point in ‘talking you into it’ when there isn‘t a good fit — and then having the wheels fall off down the track.

So yes, our conversation will be pragmatic and down-to-earth.

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If, once we look at things, there is a business case, you can decide whether to take it further. But that will, of course, be up to you.

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