Copywriting tip: how to price your product so it looks like a better deal

Copywriting tip how to price your product so it looks like a better deal_IMG

Putting prices on your website?

Sending out a direct mail piece?

About to launch a special advertising campaign?

Designing a new brochure?

Adding the cost of your products/services needs to be done in a way so that the price is immediately appealing to your intended customer.

Here's a red hot copywriting tip on pricing — and how to present the figures so they look less painful.

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Let me tell you a story...

I was just walking to work, and saw a chalkboard outside a takeaway — right near a chalkboard from a carpet shop.

Both of them had a special deal. Both of them made the same mistake with their pricing.

Image of roadside sign

The takeaway shop had: Lunch - Curry and Rice from $6.00

The carpet shop had: Timber Flooring - $75.00 per metre

The mistake?

They both put the unnecessary ".00" cents on the price, making the figure look bigger (and more costly) than it needed to be.

It would have been WAY better for the signs to say...

Lunch - Curry and Rice from $6

Timber Flooring - $75 per metre

See the difference? Both of the prices LOOK less — thus increasing the perceived value and 'bargain' feel of the offering.

And let me tell you, this applies right across the board, even on big-ticket items in proposals or sales letters.

Compare $23,400.00 when written as $23,400.

Again, the perceived difference is significant!

The only time you should put those 00's on the price is when showing a saving or a discount.


"Save $14" becomes "Save $14.00".

Generate more leads, Enquiries and Sales from your website


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