61 Profitable Pain Points — How To Showcase The Real Benefits You Bring Your Customers

As Brisbane web developers, graphic designers and copywriters who produce business marketing collateral, we have to overcome a LOT of challenges for our clients. In this article, we are going to share some of the techniques we use to add value, and to ensure that marketing collateral is strong and persuasive.

First up, some marketing basics...

At the most fundamental level, you want your website and brochure to clearly and credibly show your ability to do one of two things:

  1. Solve your customers' problems or
  2. Fulfil your customers' desires.

And that, right there, is your immediate challenge.

Unfortunately, the world of brochures, websites and direct mail is full of none-too-credible claims that are vague and wishy-washy. Promises like "widest range" and "lowest prices" and "quality service" all have little credibility.

People have heard it all before.

To cut through this with a marketing message that has some teeth, you need to be more specific. You need to paint a picture that is REAL, and which strikes a chord with your prospective clients.

Which brings me to:

a. The "carrot" — The good things that happen when you DO buy a product or service, or

b. The "stick" — The bad things that happen when you DON'T buy a product or service.

Both can work, and we use both as appropriate. In this article however, we are going to concentrate on "the stick" — the pain buttons that you can push to help people understand how much better their lives will be when they buy from you rather than from your competitors.

How to use the list of 61 Profitable Pain Points...

Each of the 61 headings below is a possible 'angle' for your marketing pitch. Our copywriters have covered a wide range of possibilities for you, so you can find some that may 'fit' with your marketing and branding strategy.

Beneath each heading, you'll see a brief sample of copywriting. It gives you ideas on how you could hammer home the message in a way that adds value to the solutions you offer.

You will, of course, have to use your imagination to adapt it to YOUR business situation. We have used a number of different industries in these examples, however they most likely won't be specific to yours. As you scroll through the list, insert YOUR product or service in the space marked "X", and adapt the story to 'fit' your business...

1. Does the decision not to buy from you cost them money?

Quality furniture is hard enough to make — without wasting time on an inefficient gluing system. Even if it only misfires 5% of the time, you'll see a constant erosion of profits. With our "X" in place, EVERY hour is a moneymaker, with strong, safe joints that ...

2. If so, how much? Can you be specific?

$1,300 a week in lost time IS a lot of money. Gone. Even allowing for four weeks holiday, that is a $62,000.00 burden dragging your business back EVERY year. But that's the typical figure in lost time with an inferior "X". Buy an “X” from us, and it ALL stays in YOUR pocket…

3. Is the cost daily?

Losing $4 every day out of your household budget may not sound like much. But over a year, that’s a VERY painful $1,460.00 — a lot of money that you really can't spare. Use our “X”, and ALL that hard-earned money stays where it belongs… in your pocket!

4. Is the cost weekly?

Weekly expenses soon add up. And with our “X” saving your business $162 a week, that’s an $8,424 increase to your bottom line… every year!

5. Is the cost monthly?

Look at the big picture. That $195 unnecessary cost every month is a LOT of avoidable, painful waste. In a year, that’s $2,340 gone from your wallet. Our “X” fixes all that…

6. Does not buying your product result in an immediate cost?

Every time you do this job without our "X", you are spending $325 that you don't need to. Install an "X", and you put a stop to the leakage, immediately and permanently.

7. Or is it a hidden cost they may not even be aware of?

We talk to many small business owners who work hard all year —and then wonder why they don’t show a decent profit. THAT is the pain of hidden costs — gnawing away at your bottom line. With our “X”, you’ll KNOW where your money goes, so you can see the leaks and put a stop….

8. What things do they miss out on because of this cost?

You don’t want to keep up with the Joneses. But there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy a better holiday each year, or afford a new car. Time after time, our customers tell us that they were the little luxuries they USED to miss out on. Now, things have changed for them.

With the savings you’ll make with an “X” you too will…

9. How much cost/loss can you take away? All of it? Some of it?

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a measurable, immediate saving! And that’s what you get when you install an “X” in your filter. 26% reduction in fuel means you'll save…

10. Is the relief immediate as a result of buying from you?

They say that change takes time. Not with our “X” in your office! From the moment you unpack it, it will make a difference to the way you do business — for the better. The improvement is immediate. It is measurable. And importantly, it is easy....

11. Does not buying from you cost them time?

There’s nothing wrong with working hard. But there IS something wrong about taking more time than you need to get the job done!

Think about last time you performed this task. Did it REALLY need to take 2 hours? Did it REALLY need to cost you nearly half a productive day?

Our "X" SAVES you time... every time!

In some cases, our clients report an hour a day. For others it is a little more. Some use that time to service more clients, and others use it to get home earlier and enjoy more family time. With our "X", it'll be your choice!

12. If so, how much time? Can you be specific?

Don't underestimate the difference a 45 minute saving makes. Our customers often tell us that this alone makes the "X" a real winner — BEFORE you even consider the quality of the output.

13. Is the time loss daily?

Our “X” will save you around 35 minutes on each job. As a contractor, if you handle 6 jobs a day, that’s 3.5 hours. If you earn $65 an hour, that’s an EXTRA $227.00 a week you COULD be making!

And right now, if you aren't making that money, you are losing it.

14. Is the time loss weekly?

Without an “X”, your staff waste around 3 hours every week! Is that bad for business? Absolutely! And it isn't just the cost. It is the lost opportunity to provide a higher quality service to your best, most profitable clients...

15. Is the time loss monthly?

Is time important to you? It should be, because in your business, lost time is your biggest enemy.

At 6 hours a month, that’s a whole week’s work and then some — that you are losing EVERY year without an "X" in your...

16. Is it an immediate time loss?

Right now, today, another hour slipped away from you because of inefficiency. Do the numbers. What is an hour of chargeable time lost EVERY day really doing to your profit for the week — or month — or year?

Pretty soon, it gets serious. And as a smart business owner, you need to fix it.

An "X" changes all that. We guarantee you an immediate time-advantage of...

17. Or is it a hidden loss they may not even be aware of?

It is so easy to become used to "the way things are", without appreciating the REAL loss in time and efficiency.

But we're inviting you look at it in your business. And I mean REALLY look.

Week after week, you grind away, not realising that you are wasting…

18. What things do they miss out on because of this wasted time?

Make no mistake, your time is VERY precious. Whether you want more time with your family, or to pursue your favourite hobby, time is VERY hard to get.

You'll appreciate the REAL value of “X”, as your passport to freedom from...

19. How much time waste can you take away for your customers? All of it? Some of it?

Let's not kid ourselves, there is ALWAYS going to be lost time. When one of your team runs out of fittings and has to go to the hardware. Or when a blade breaks and everything stops while it is replaced. It happens all the time.


What if time-loss could be cut by... say... 1/3?

Would THAT make a difference?

Feedback from our customers tells you that the REAL benefit of “X” is the immediate change in their day because they have more time. The 50 minutes you gain, every working day, means you'll...

20. Is the relief immediate as a result of buying from you?

Today, people who trim their lawn without using our "X" will waste time. For some with a larger lawn, it'll be an hour. An hour gone forever.

Save time. Right now. With “X’, you'll see an immediate and measurable productivity increase….

21. Is there an opportunity cost as a result of not buying from you?

Ever wondered why some business owners seem to be able to take on more profitable projects? Most often it is because they have the tools to do the job. As a result, they get the bigger projects, where customers are happy to pay a premium to get a job done.

When you don't have the right told, you get stuck with the scraps. Fiddly jobs for fussy customers who want the earth for no money. It isn't just the lost income. Truth is, it takes all the joy out of your work!

Get an “X”. It will give you new capabilities, and open up doors for you to…

22. Is there a loss of credibility as a result of not using your product?

With a lucrative project at stake, you don't want a competitor to have an advantage. Often, you know that you could do a better job. But that isn't how the client sees it. They just take your competitor at face value and award them the work that COULD so easily have been yours.

Include our "X" analysis in your arsenal, and you'll have hard, solid, real facts to base your ...

23. Is there a safety risk for people who don't buy from you?

Old machines isn't just inefficient. It can be downright dangerous to keep them.

Why? Because their slow, clunky performance temps your operators to cut corners to save time. With around 2,000 psi, it takes just a small slip to turn a routine day into a tragedy.

It isn't just the impressive speed of the "X". It is the years of R & D that have led to the safest operating system available. With no operator risk, you can feel confident...

24. Is there an insurance flow-on from the safety risk?

Every dollar counts, and insurance costs are a major headache in your business. Your insurer knows the risk of an outdated "X", and they'll be setting your premiums accordingly — another money-sucking drain on your business.

Our new "X" lowers your risk, and that will reduce your premiums significantly...

25. Is there an industry penalty from the safety risk?

When tendering for a contract, you want to tick all the boxes. If you can't, you go to the bottom of the pile — every time.

And it isn't just one or two projects. Every job you miss is an opportunity for your competitor to firm up their relationship with the builder, making it harder and harder for you to EVER get your foot in the door.

With an "X" system in place, YOU'LL be the contractor who gets to...

26. Is there a loss of potential earnings as a result of buying from your competitor?

When it comes to job work in a fabrication workshop like yours, you have to operate to tight margins to stay competitive.

Yes, you can do it. But it is tough — especially when your drill press isn't as accurate as it needs to be. Just a 2mm discrepancy can ruin a $2,000 plate — and it'll be at your cost!

You don't want to cripple your chances because of an inferior drilling system. An "X" is different. It's capacity grows WITH your business...

27. Does buying elsewhere result in a quality loss?

If you are a believer in "Do it once and do it right", you'll be struggling with the quality of machines available on the market. If you've had a cheap import, you'll know that the gloss quickly wears off when you put them to work.

Our customers will tell you, at first glance, our machine LOOKS dearer. But they'll also tell you that the reality is VERY different.

Put an "X" in place, and you'll see a whole new level of professionalism...

28. And if so, does the poor quality have a flow-on?

Reworking a job occasionally MAY be acceptable. But doing it repeatedly? The cost mounts up... not to mention client dissatisfaction that can cost you business. A delay here. A cost overrun there. A few mm off-centre. Over time, it all adds up in your customer's mind — and pretty soon, you are vulnerable to a competitor with a better offer.

Use "X', and everything just... works!

29. Can the poor quality be translated into dollars?

In your business, customers will pay for quality. But when your equipment doesn't deliver, you'll be at the bottom end of the market — and miss out on real opportunity.

An "X" gives you an immediate advantage...

30. Is buying from a competitor causing delays?

Next week is fine. But today is better. Much better.

With our fast delivery, you'll have your new "X" in hours, ready to enjoy and ready to share...

31. Can the delay be transformed into a monetary cost?

Every day without a system in place costs you money. The increase in productivity you get with an "X", amounts to $500 a week. So a month's delay is $2000! That's not acceptable in a small business, and that's why you'll appreciate our commitment to fast...

32. Is there a limitation on size or range as a result of buying from a competitor?

With a beautiful new home, you don't want to have to 'make do' with the "X" that you buy. After a while, it WILL annoy you — and take the gloss off what could have been a perfect lounge room.

The reason you have to 'make do'? It is because there is a limited range and limited options.

With over 200 colours and sizes to choose from, our "X" is SURE to give you exactly what you want...

33. Is the size or range limit likely to cause other problems in the future?

Face it, there is nothing more frustrating than realising you have outgrown your "X" — and you have to start over. It means re-integrating a new system all over again. Not to mention the cost of re-training of your staff!

And it doesn't end there. With a limited capacity, you can only offer a limited service.

Our "X" will grow WITH you, so you can feel confident about the future as a leading ...

34. Are there power restrictions with a competitor's product?

When it comes to production, capacity is VERY important. An underpowered "X" means you can never reach your potential, resulting in lost opportunity.

And when you say 'no' to a bigger job, you lose all the smaller work along with it, so the pain really mounts up.

Unleash our "X", and you'll see an instant transformation...

35. Do these power restrictions limit the use of the product?

One of the biggest complaints in our industry is poor contouring and shaping capacity. And with most machines rated at just 2 HP, it is little wonder!

Sure, you can get the job done — but will your customers pay for the extra four hours you take? Not likely!

So, you cut your margin or say goodbye to your customers.

Our approach is different. With our "X", get quality engineering and REAL power — right through to the cutting blades...

36. Do they miss out on expertise when using a competitor?

Make no mistake. If your accountant isn't on top of ALL aspects of taxation, the consequences for your business can be serious. At the low end, it can be lost opportunity. At the high end, it can mean real trouble.

Here at "X", our commitment to professional development means...

37. Can you translate poor expertise into a measurable time or money cost?

Every one of your machines is worth tens of thousands of dollars. You won't know immediately if they are not serviced correctly — but you will know in time when they are operating under full load and breakdowns bring you to a grinding halt. When you are at your busiest, even a few hours of downtime can result in a lot of money lost...

38. Do people experience dissatisfaction with appearance by visiting a competitor?

Your new hair style ISN'T gone tomorrow. It is with you at home. It is with you at work. It IS you!

There's nothing that knocks your confidence for a six more than a poor "X"...

39. Is there a frustration with communication with a competitor?

With a large building project, silence is NOT golden. If you don't know what's happening with ducting and cabling, you can't coordinate all the supplementary trades. With six or more units to build, that is risky, as every error compounds.

Here at "X", we have a commitment to making SURE you...

40. Can this poor communication be turned into a direct cost?

In your business, confidence is everything. How can you bid for a project if you don't know, to the last dollar, where you stand? Plenty of people can crunch the numbers for you. But if they don't keep you up to date with REAL data, you'll flounder.

At "X", we know what you need...

41. Does buying from a competitor make it less fun to do?

Learning the guitar can be hard work if you don't have the right instrument for little hands. And the set-up and tuning can make or break the whole experience. While your child may not want to be a virtuoso, a poor experience early on can rob them of a lifetime of pleasure.

It's a fact. Ask around at any barbecue and you will ALWAYS find someone who regrets giving up music, because learning wasn't interesting and fun to do.

Here at "X", learning the guitar is easy and more fun. You'll have the RIGHT instrument — set up and tuned especially for a beginner.

42. Does buying from a competitor leave your prospect vulnerable?

Signing a contract is nerve-wracking enough. But doing so without a competent, experienced lawyer by your side is just plain dangerous.

It is fine if everything goes as planned. But plenty of business owners have discovered to their cost that things don't ALWAYS go as planned.

Contract law is a specialty, and our team KNOW how to find the loopholes that can leave you exposed BEFORE you find yourself in a nasty situation...

43. Can the vulnerability be measured or quantified?

Business is a dog-eat-dog world. And if your "X" isn't up to scratch, you'll be vulnerable to losing customers to better equipped competitors. Even if a customer only spends $200 a week with you, that is $10,400 in revenue you could lose through...

44. Is doing business with a competitor likely to mean cost overruns?

It has become accepted in our industry that budgets are impossible to stick to, and that overruns are inevitable.

We don't see it that way. Our customers tell us that, thanks to "X", what was an 'expected' variation of 20% is a thing of the past — and even just 2% is unusual. Result? You can plan with absolute...

45. How do these overruns impact on their overall business?

Making 'that phone call' to a customer is never a pleasant experience. You were hired to do the job for an agreed budget, and when your management system lets you down, the cost to your reputation is crippling — years after the project is completed.

Our "X" ensures that you are THE supplier who ALWAYS delivers on time...

46. Is a competitor's product going to go out of date quickly?

Seriously, how many times do you REALLY want to spend money on a new "X"? Some manufacturers will tell you that you should expect to face replacement every 5 years — with all the fuss, hassle and cost that changeover entails.

Isn't 10 years or even 15 years a smarter move? Our "X" will deliver...

47. Does the decision to go with a competitor result in poor quality work that has to be re-done?

We see a lot of gloomy-faced business owners who are disappointed with their website — even after just a few months. The reason? It wasn't built properly in the first place, and it just won't perform. It can't be found when people search. And even the dribble of traffic they DO get doesn't convert into real, solid leads.

Our rigorous approach covers ALL the bases, and ensures that...

48. Can your competitor's poor quality work be translated into a cost?

Getting a tradesman to fix a poorly built "X" is expensive. And when it happens repeatedly, you have to ask if you bought the right one in the first place. Costs mount up and your ROI rapidly diminishes.

When we build an "X", we build it to last. We use only the finest triple coated...

49. Is your competitor's product more difficult to install than yours?

As many landowners will tell you, the REAL cost of fencing spacers isn't the product — it is the cost of labour to install them. When there are kilometres of fencing to be set up, just 5 minutes wasted time on each spacer adds up — costing weeks of wages and lost opportunity to get other work done.

Buy our "X", and you'll be amazed at how quick and easy...

50. Are there hidden risks with your competitor's difficult installation?

If everyone did their best work, all of the time, you wouldn't have problems with re-working jobs or warranty callouts. But they don't — and you can't personally oversee every job. If a baton is difficult to install and your team takes shortcuts, you risk being haunted for YEARS after a job is completed.

Our "X" batons ALWAYS clip into place in one solid, quick, easy step. You can be confident...

51. Are there unseen weaknesses in the build of your competitor's products?

Just about every dining setting looks great when it is delivered. But what about in five years? Or ten years? You don't want wobbly chairs or sagging seat supports. It means the added cost of repairs —or complete replacement.

You can't see it, but every joint in "X" brand chairs is made with a super-strong...

52. Can these unseen weaknesses be clarified with a specific measurement?

Does a 3mm decrease in pipe thickness REALLY matter to you? It does if that 3mm results in a leaking pipe —right in the middle of a carpet cleaning job.

You need tough gear that will perform — year after year. The unique construction of our "X" means you'll...

53. Can the competitor's weakness be translated into a monetary cost?

A silent production line is your worst nightmare. You want to hear work being done. Good, productive, profitable work. But if your "X" isn't engineered to perform, day after day at a constant 300psi, then silence is what you'll get. And that means lost production and lost money.

54. Is there an environmental impact with your competitor's product?

As part of the business community, you don't need an embarrassing secret. You want to hold your head up high, CONFIDENT that the "X" you use is engineered for minimum impact on the environment.

Our "X" is, frankly, amazing...

55. Does the environmental impact cause limitations on its use?

When working in wood is your passion, you want to take every chance you can to work on your current project. A noisy "X' is a real frustration, stopping you from grabbing that chance on a Sunday morning to to enjoy some "shop time".

With our whisper-quiet "X", you'll be free to...

56. Are there space penalties from not buying your product?

Renting office space is expensive, and you need to make sure every square metre is put to good use. Poor quality storage is an inefficient use of space — and you pay dearly for it month after month. Than there's the frustration and cost of file retrieval when things can't be easily and quickly found.

Use our revolutionary "X" system. You'll be amazed at...

57. Are there limitations with flexibility?

A fixed hoist in your workshop limits the size of vehicle you can service. That means that opportunities to handle larger vehicles drive right by, and into your competitor's waiting arms.

With our unique mobile "X" system, you'll...

58. What about wear and tear? Can that be an issue?

Cheap materials = Rapid Wear. First impressions DO count. If your shop's fitout looks tired and worn in a short time, you'll face unnecessary costs to refurbish — not to mention all the disruption and hassle.

That's where our super-tough "X" really shines, with...

59. Can the wear and tear translate into a resale penalty?

All caravans look great in the showroom. But what about re-sale time? When you are ready to upgrade, those scuffs and marks that you've learned to live with will suddenly become VERY important. Buyers will see them, and the REAL value of your caravan will diminish.

With our protective, super-tough "X"...

60. What about performance life? Service interval?

Managing servicing schedules is a real challenge. It isn't just the time the unit itself is out of action. You also have to consider the flow-on to other parts of your worksite — right down to staff rosters and delivery schedules. Even a quarterly service is a costly nuisance. But monthly? It just won't work if you are serious about productivity.

With our "X", you only...

61. Can the service interval be turned into a loss of pleasure?

As a guitarist, the joy is in playing your instrument — not in changing strings because they have lost their tone quicker than they should have. It takes time. Money. And then there's the days of re-tuning as everything stretches into place.

If that's your frustration, you'll LOVE our "X" strings, made to...

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