Should you rely on automatic bidding for Google Ads?

Here’s why “set and forget” may not give you the best result

If your business relies on Google Ads for website traffic, you’ll be aware that Google is continually optimising and changing the way that Google Ads work – mostly very effectively.

Yet the latest change – towards automatic bid setting – could cost your business greatly if you’re not on top of things.

Automatic bid setting is the easiest option, which is why most accounts do use it. Setting bids manually is time consuming and ‘fiddly’, and yet it may help you do more with your Google Ads budget.

Why an automatic bidding strategy could cost you

It’s easy to talk yourself into thinking that automatic bidding is acceptable, if say your business is selling high value goods or services. Yet that’s not necessarily so.

In a recent example for one of our clients, Crockford Carlisle’s Google Ads guru Gabriela achieved a drop in PPC from around $100 down to $2 – simply by manually setting bids!

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Of course, every business has a marketing budget. And you could be getting many more clicks for your budget if you rely on an expert Google Ads operator such as CC’s Gabriela.

Is your Google Ads agency relying on automatic bidding?

Ask your Google Ads agency if they're setting bids manually. If they’re not – and simply relying on automatic bidding – you could be better off switching agencies.

If you’d like Crockford Carlisle’s Google Ads experts to take a look at your account, we’d be happy to help. Just click on the calendar link now and we’ll set up a time for a chat, or call 07 3891 3800.

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