[Video] Does a slow website affect your SEO and rankings? You betcha! Here’s the numbers…

Google wants people to have a good user experience when they visit your website, and they have made it clear that sites that are slow to load pages are not going to be favoured in the search results.

In this 60 second video, we quickly look at what happens when a site loads up too slowly.

They are numbers that should give you pause for thought — and if necessary, encourage you to find a better, faster website hosting solution.




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[Video Transcript}

Gidday, it's Jerry and Terry with the quick 'Heads Up'.

Today we're talking from and SEO perspective about site speed, and why it's important your website is ripping fast.

If you have only a one second delay on page load time, look what happens!

  • 11 percent reduction in page views,
  • 16 percent drop in customer satisfaction,
  • A conversion loss of around 7 percent.


You don't want that!

So, to speed things up, talk to your website guys, make sure that it is lean and mean code, and that it's not all messy.

Make sure images are optimized.

(As an SEO agency, we can help you with that if that is what you wish.)

The main thing is make sure that your web hosting his a good up to date environment and the capacity is right.

You don't want your website stuck with a whole lot of others, all competing for bandwidth as that'll slow it down.

Because Google is pretty tough on this…

They say that they'll crawl fewer of your pages if your site is too slow.

They don't have time to s-l-o-w-l-y look at a website. They'll just go.

As well as crawling fewer of your pages, if the user experience is deemed to be poor, then they say that's a signal to them to mark your website down in the search results as well.

Having a fast website is a basic building block of your Inbound Marketing campaign, so make sure for good SEO that your site speed is as fast as it can be.

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