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Shane Matthews is an engineer who offers an unusual service. He specialises in designing and manufacturing unique solutions, which improve safety, productivity or capability, for production lines, workshops, and other industrial facilities.


Logo and branding for Syngineering 
Syngineering conveys the synergistic approach Shane’s company takes in offering an effective and efficient combination of services.

It might be:

  • A custom-built crane for a specific lifting task,
  • A safety rail for a walkway, stairway or ladder,
  • A means of loading rolls of steel onto a press or
  • A handling system for large or small components.

Importantly, everything Shane works on is designed, built, and tested for compliance to the relevant Australian Standards.

Clients who ALREADY know him appreciate his expertise

When he came to our Brisbane graphic design studio, Shane had a base of loyal clients who appreciated his ability to look at their problem and build a solution that works — with no fuss and no bother.

The problem was: how to win the confidence of NEW clients.

As Shane said, “These people have never encountered a one-stop service like ours, and don’t even realise that it exists.

They are used to the struggle of dealing with an engineer, then with a fabricator, then getting it installed, then getting compliance testing done — all through different people, and with all the hassle that this process entails.”


Shane Matthews — Syngineering Director

New branding tells the story.

To attract new clients, Shane needed to move beyond the perception of being a small operator and be seen as a more substantial and capable business. So, we developed a new business name, brand promise, and logo design.

When our copywriters developed the name: ‘Syngineering’ conveys the synergistic approach Shane’s company takes in offering an effective and efficient combination of services. AND it shows the appropriate level of sophistication. The brand promise: ‘Concept to Compliance’ tells the story about the capabilities of the business — especially his one-stop service where EVERYTHING is handled.

Significant advantage.

As Shane explains, “The new branding has given me a significant competitive advantage. It positions the business as a professional and very capable organisation when compared to our competitors. It adds value to our service, and enables me to market the business much more aggressively.”

Click here to see Syngineering’s new branding and website.

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